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July 11


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Authors Note: This is part three of the Bonding Time thing? Well, if you didn't read the second one, the main wrap up of it, is that everyone got extremely drunk and some funny stuff happened. There will be some references to the last one in here, so here it is in case you'd like to read it first!…


"Do we seriously have to do this again?" You asked.

"Yes! We'll be doing it for a while." Hanji replied

"But Armin isn't feeling well..." Eren spoke out.

"Yeah, he got the biggest hangover out of all of us." Jean said, rubbing his forehead a little and shaking his head.

"Please never let me drink again." The blonde said, gripping his head in his hands. You soothingly rubbed his back as he groaned. "Why did I even do that..." He muttered. You gave him a small hug before pulling away, only leaving your hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, we won't be drinking tonight!" Hanji said, clapping her hands together and setting them in her lap.

"Thank God... I forgot last night, can one of you brats tell me what happened?" Levi said, crossing his arms over his chest. You smiled a little at the memory, but Connie spoke before you got to.

"You fell asleep with your pumpkin, and you were kissing it and shit." He said casually with a small shrug.

Levi's eyes widened as he seemed to sink back into his chair. "Tch..." He muttered.

"What're we doing, Hanji?" You asked, rubbing Armin's back as he continued to groan.

"I think tonight we'll just be talking. And maybe doing some confessions." She said with a sly smile. You sighed and drew your hand away from Armin, clasping both of your hands together and setting them in your lap.

"So, I have a few funny questions for you guys to answer, maybe a few things for you to explain, and we'll just go from there." Hanji said. Everyone murmured in agreement. Hanji looked around the room, until her eyes fell on a certain blonde. She grinned mischievously. "Erwin." She said. The man looked up at her with wide eyes. "Explain to us why people shouldn't have sex."

Erwin raised an eyebrow at her before standing up and clearing his throat. "Don't have sex. Because you will get pregnant. And die. Don't have sex in the missionary position, don't have sex standing up..." He trailed off, then put up his hands in defense. "Just don't have sex, okay?" (Mean Girls reference)

All of your friends stared up at him with wide, scared eyes. You were the first one to start laughing, and then everyone joined in until it became a loud hysterical laughter among all of you. Erwin grinned and sat back down in his chair.

Hanji smiled and her eyes landed on Connie. "Connie, there is a rumor going around..." She paused for a dramatic effect as he stared at her with confusion. "That you're sexually attracted to Santa Claus." She said.

"Isn't this great? Connie has a Santa fetish, while Levi is terrified of him." Jean said, opening up his arms like he was offering a hug.

"SHUT UP BRAT, I'M NOT AFRAID OF SOME DAMN FAT MAN!" Levi said, standing up. Jean screeched and scrambled over to hide behind Mikasa. The black-haired girl rolled her eyes and pulled her scarf over her nose.

"Well, Connie?" Hanji said expectantly once Levi had sat down, and Jean went back to his spot on the floor.

The boy shrugged. "Well I guess he's pretty sexy. I mean, if he showed up right now, I guess I'd get up and fuck him." He said casually. A few people, including yourself, stared at him with mouths agape. Sasha sitting next to him gave him an exasperated look. He put his hands up in defense. "What?! I'm being brutally honest!"

"Alright then, well-" Hanji started, but was interrupted by Sasha suddenly standing up and giving Connie a glare.

"If you excuse me, I'll be right back." She said. She quickly stepped on Connie's hand before exiting the room, slamming the door shut. An awkward silence came over the group as Connie cradled his hand with whimpers of pain.

"Hey, Jean?" You said, trying to stop the silence. "I've always wondered about something."

"How I'm so unbelievably attractive?" He said, raising an eyebrow.

"No." You said, rolling your eyes. "I was wondering how you got your hair like that."

"I bet it's a wig." Reiner spoke thoughtfully from the other side of the room.

Eren laughed at that. "Yeah Jean, what's your wig made of?"

"Your mom's chest hair!" Jean said with a glare.

Eren glared back at him, and you quickly put a firm hand on Eren's shoulder to stop him from attacking the golden-eyed boy. Eren glanced at you from the corner of his eyes, before relaxing.

"Noticing how Jean and Eren look like they're going to kill each other, I have an idea!" Hanji said cheerfully. "I want you two to have a name calling competition!" She said with a smile. The two boys looked at each other before smiling and standing up. You saw Mikasa glare at Jean as the two boys walked to the center of the circle.

"Let's start really simple." Eren said. "Jerk."

"Ass." Jean countered.




"Suicidal Bastard."


"Mikasa's bitch!"

"Marco's bitch!"

"Levi's bitch!"

"You idiot! If anything, he'd be my bitch!"

Levi cleared his throat. "Sorry Eren, but if we were ever to be in a romantic relationship, you'd be my bitch." He said in a very blunt fashion.

"I'm sorry Heichou." Eren apologized quickly, looking down at the floor.

Hanji turned to Levi and gave him an intense stare as Eren and Jean sat back down. Levi turned to her and gave her a what-the-fuck-are-you-looking-at glare. Hanji grinned and turned to Bertholdt. "Get me the book." She said.

Bertholdt's eyes widened. "I thought you said we wouldn't talk about that..." He said.

"Book? What book?" Ymir asked.

"It's nothing!" Bertholdt quickly said.

"Get the book Bertl, come on!" Hanji said.

Bertholdt shook his head furiously. "I don't want to die, Hanji!" He said.

"Come on! Get it!" Hanji said.

The tall male quickly got to his feet and walked out the door. An awkward silence settled on the group until he came back with a red leather book. Levi's eyes widened at the sight of the book, and he quickly straightened himself and uncrossed his arms. "Where did you get that?" He asked.

"Bertholdt, would you like to explain what this book is?" Hanji said, taking the book from the boys outstretched hand as he hurriedly sat back down in between Reiner and Ymir. Bertholdt shook his head. "Just do it!" Hanji said.

Bertholdt sighed before closing his eyes and speaking in a very fast tone. "Heichou told me the other day to go clean his room, so while I was in there I saw that book on his desk and I opened it and I saw-"

"I'll take it from here, Bertl." Hanji said with a smile. She cleared her throat and opened the book.

"Shitty-Glasses, stop." Levi said.

"Why?" The brunette challenged.

Levi looked around at the group. "I'll give you a months worth of free experiments whenever you'd like if you please just stop." He said. Did Levi just say please? Oh, whatever was in that book must be great.

Hanji hummed in thought and stared off at the ceiling, then turned back to Levi with a look of pity. "Sorry shorty, this is just too good for that." She said. Levi stood up and looked like he was going to strangle her, but Hanji already started reading from the red-leather book.

I lavished his neck with kisses and small bites as he moaned my name, green eyes glinting in the darkness. He ran his fingers through my hair and ground his hips against mine, yearning for more. I smirked against his soft skin and looked up to see him as a blushing mess. "I've just started, Titan-boy." I whispered.

Everyone was silent as Levi's eyes widened. You looked around the room. Eren was blushing furiously, Armin looked horrified, Mikasa looked like she was going to murder Levi, Jean was trying so hard to contain his laughter, Christa's eyes were larger than usual and her mouth was slightly agape, Ymir had an eyebrow raised in interest, Reiner looked confused, Bertholdt looked very guilty, Erwin had a smirk on his face, and Hanji looked satisfied.

"D-Did Heichou wr-write a fan-fiction a-about him and-" Armin started, nervously pointing to the book.

"NO! NO, THAT'S NOT IT!" Levi denied, grabbing the book from Hanji and holding it protectively against his chest. "It's just... GIANT FREAK! A YEAR OF STABLE DUTIES FOR YOU!"

"I-I was going to put it back, but Hanji walked in and told me to keep it just in case she needed it!" The poor boy protested.


"B-But Sir-"

Suddenly, the door was slammed open. A large figure was standing at the doorway with their arms wide. Sasha was dressed up as Santa. You later found out that she had stuffed a bunch of pillows in a red suit to make her have the effect of the actual Santa Claus. "HO HO HO BITCHES!" She cried out with a broad grin.

Levi screeched and fell on the floor, scrambling over to the corner of the room. "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FAT FREAK OF NATURE!" He told Sasha.

"Well look at that! Humanities Strongest Soldier writes gay fan-fictions, and he's scared of Santa Claus!" Jean said.

"That's it, brat! I've had enough of your shit!" Levi said, standing up and walking over to Jean. Jean yelped out and hid behind Mikasa. She sat there with a bored expression as Levi went around her to see the taller male curled up in a ball. "GET UP, BRAT!" He hissed, kicking Jean.

Jean quickly got to his feet and ran around the room with Levi chasing after him. Connie was now hugging Sasha-Santa, and fiercely kissing her. You sat was an astonished expression as chaos broke out. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin had taken the book from Hanji and were reading it. Eren and Armin were blushing as Mikasa was glaring at Levi. Jean was running around the room, being chased by the short man. Connie and Sasha-Santa were making out in a corner. Ymir was patting Christa's head as she looked around with a horrified expression. Bertholdt was ranting to Reiner about how unfair Levi was. Hanji was laughing as Erwin screamed at Levi to get him to stop.

You smiled at the scene before you. What great friends you had, right? If you had to have bonding time with anyone, you'd surely do it with these people. No matter how weird and crazy they were.
This is to make up for the depressing fics I've been writing lately.
Mean Girls references, yes yes indeed.
I had so much fun writing this you do not understand XD
I hope you enjoyed and laughed as much as I did!
I was trying so hard not to laugh when I was writing about Levi and his book.... HAHAHAHA I JUST CAN'T
Also, 50th fanfiction, YAAAAAY!

Thanks For Reading! :iconrainbowsheepplz:
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Heres what I learned from this fanfic.

Connie really does have a Santa fetish.

Levi writes gay fanfictions and really has 'Claus'trophobia (totally not a spongebob reference hidden in there)

Armin is now officily going to end up being an achoolic.

Jean really is a horse when I'm drunk.

Ymir and Christa really are together.

Bertholdt kept reading the book even though he knew what it was.

Shall I continue?
Ahaha best fanfic ever.
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